Holiday Home Services

Siret number: 805 369 634 00011 - Concierge Holiday Home Services is registered and authorised to carry out the services offered

CONCIERGE Holiday Home Services

262 Rue de la Mairie, Razac d'Eymet  24500  France

Tel: 05 53 58 65 42

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Active Keyholding - Monthly visits

Active Keyholding, as the name implies, provides clients with the same key safeguarding service with access to a wider range of Holiday Home Services.  Many of our existing clients spend the summer months here in France, so this service is also available on a 6-month only basis.  The same PIN system applies but clients can 'pick and mix' from an extensive range of additional services, choosing the frequency of visits, level of monitoring, maintenance and housekeeping.  Certainly you would want your letterbox emptied regularly and relevant mail forwarded; severe

weather checks made, locks oiled, and doors, grills and shutters inspected on a monthly basis.  Written visit reports and accompanying photographs will be e-mailed the same day to the given address.  However, the general appearance, security and upkeep of the house and grounds, gates and fences can also be monitored and addressed to maximise the value and use of your investment.  Deliveries can be met, accompanied access for authorised tradesmen facilitated, garden maintenance arranged (from tree-lopping to regular mowing), winter fuel deliveries purchased, dechetterie runs made etc.  We can also be the 'point of contact' for utility companies, emergency services, alarm companies and your local Mairie.


Any additional service request will receive an appropriate Devi and be subject to specific authorisation before commencement.  No surprises.


Active Keyholding will require a site visit and a meeting with homeowners (or representative) if the full benefit of the service is to be delivered.  Locations of switches and meters, stopcocks, thermostats and timers etc will need to be known and recorded and contact details exchanged.


Please be advised that in high season certain additional services may be restricted due to capacity or demand. On these occasions priority will be given to Active Keyholder clients.


Active Keyholding Plus - Weekly visits (or more regularly subject to requirement)

Active Keyholding Plus is also available on a 6-month only basis, and includes the above with weekly visits and/or additional visits as required.  (Fee applies).  Any additional service or request will be considered and provided, as long as it is legal, safe and morally defensible (gite cleaning,

pool opening/closure, meet & greet for guests, electric & heating turn-on, shopping pack, airport runs for luggage, point of contact for guests etc).  Just ask - once we agree, we will take care of it.  However, just remember I was a Policeman for 30 years !!